Understanding How You are Perceived at the Poker Tables

One of the biggest keys to success in poker, especially as you move up and play against better-skilled and more sophisticated opponents, is understanding what some might call the “meta game” or the significance of your own table image.

When you play a tight style of play, people are naturally going to give you more respect. If you also play on the passive side, you will get even more respect when you finally make a bold play.

Loose and aggressive players, on the other hand, have the exact opposite effect on the poker table. Most people assume that such players are bluffing much of the time and therefore they get called down much lighter.

It is important to understand that any decent, thinking player is frequently making mental notes and judgments about your style of play. Furthermore, they are categorizing you as tight or loose, and aggressive or passive. Your play, whether you realize it or not, is creating an image that is influencing how the attentive players respond to you.

It doesn’t matter what style of play you choose, the actions that you take are going to affect how people react and play their hands against you at the poker tables.

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