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Few hints before start spread betting

Before you place a bet, work out your worst case scenario should a bet go against you. For example, a football Total Goal Minutes bet is much more volatile than a football Total Goals bet and you may want to ensure your selected stake size reflects this.

• If you are a little nervous ahead of making your first bet, why not try a ‘paper trade’ where you write down your chosen bets and then record the profit or loss that each would have recorded. This helps you understand more about the volatility of different markets and how sports spread betting works.

• Try and bet on markets you know about. If you have a great understanding of golf and follow the game closely then it follows that our golf spread betting markets may make more sense to you than our NFL markets.

• If you are intending to bet on a market in-play (i.e. when you can open and close your bets during the match or event), try and make sure you are able to watch your event. If you are on top of the action it gives you greater opportunity to put your bets on at the right time.

• Stick to your betting plans! It’s all too easy to start raising your stake sizes after a couple of wins or even to chase your losses. However, remember that increased stake sizes can mean increased losses should the bet go against you. As per rule one, always work out your worse case scenario each time so you know what you are risking when you place your bet.